Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Feed your kids if you don't want them to die

This story just totally broke my heart. How could anyone do this to their own child? I don't buy the line that it wasn't her decision not to feed the boy. If she hadn't made a decision not to feed the boy, she would have fed the boy.

This is an extreme example of the spirit vs. conscience concept I was talking about the other day. I don't care if you believe that God, or God's prophet, or the Holy Spirit, or Jesus himself told you that your two-year old child is a demon and you shouldn't feed him. If you have any sense of human decency, you feed your fucking child. And then you get far, far away from whoever told you otherwise.


new deep said...

What a horrible story. It reminds me of a few extreme examples I heard about before.

There was this guy that apparently thought God wanted him to sacrifice his son on an alter and almost went through with it, but then he thought an angel came down and told him that God was just testing his obedience.

There was another guy that really needed to get a certain book and came across a drunk guy that had access to the book. He thought that Spirit spoke to him and that God wanted him to take the drunk guy's sword, decapitate the drunk guy, and then put his bloodied clothes on and then... you know the story.

Fortunately these two stories are from works of fiction.

Now a true story- There was a group of people that had made sacred oaths to their God to avenge the death of their leaders who executed over 120 unarmed men, women, and children after promising them their safety.

I agree, we should follow our own logic and reasoning over what we may think are promptings from the Spirit. Otherwise, reasonable people can do some crazy batshit in the name of obedience to the Spirit/God.

Saganist said...

I agree, people can do some really whacked-out crap when they think they are directed by God to do it. Just the other day I was part of a conversation that touched on the potential for the LDS prophet to call all Mormons to gather their possessions and walk to Missouri. Saying "he wouldn't ask us to do that" is a cop-out. I don't think the Mountain Meadows Massacre participants ever dreamed they would be shooting women and children in the head, either. When you bow your head and say yes, you are essentially surrendering your agency. And that's a bad thing.